Shakyamuni Buddha, painting by Aloka at the Nottingham Buddhist Centre
Shakyamuni Buddha, painting by Aloka at the Nottingham Buddhist Centre

Buddhist Meditation, Buddhism | Nottingham, UK

The Buddha lived 2,500 years ago in India and taught love, generosity and awareness. The Nottingham Buddhist Centre is dedicated to the spread of the Buddha's message in a way that is relevant to us here and now, yet remains faithful to the essentials of the Buddhist Tradition.

For those new to the centre, we have a weekly meditation class, suitable for beginners. For those with some experience of meditation we run Buddhism and meditation courses several times a year for those who want to learn something of the Buddha's message.

The Centre is located in the lace market district of Nottingham city centre. We have Nottingham's best-stocked Buddhist bookshop, which sells books on most Buddhist topics, cards, postcards and incense and some CDs. We also have some resources for the visually impaired in the form of CD recordings of some books.

The centre is run by a small team from the Triratna Buddhist Order, assisted by those who attend the centre regularly. It is affiliated to the Triratna Buddhist Community, a Buddhist movement founded by Sangharakshita in the late 1960's and originally known in the west as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO).This name was changed recently to more truly reflect the international nature of the movement. The name Triratna also reminds us of our central ideals, meaning "Three Jewels" which refers to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha (see About Buddhism page).

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